Saturday, January 7, 2012

"See what had happened was..." & natural products!

I've been away from my sweet blog longer than anticipated! I blame twitter and youtube for my absence! I also attempted to have another blogger account, but even that page has been neglected. As stated in my last post on here, I was only supposed to make a twitter account as a stipulation for entering a contest as a follower to the contests' host. I also ended up making a youtube page. After all of that I didn't even enter the darn contest! But I'm so glad I did....even as a novice I am really enjoying creating songs for, as well as editing my hair videos :)

So yea, if you want to pop in and hear my annoying voice explain what I do to my hair, click here for my youtube page!

Also, I find it more entertaining to follow and read others' random thoughts and experiences throughout the send me something on twitter so I can follow you! @According2Chloe

Now that my excuses are out of the way...I NEED to share this products. Over the past couple of months I've been stressing about the amount of aluminum that I come in contact with by way of deodorant and some feminine washes. UGH! Last week while stalking the aisles of Whole Foods, I came across this deodorant:
I was a little skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. It was about the same price as my dove clinical strength (yes, its that serious) deodorant, roughly nine dollars. When I got home I did a little research and was fairly pleased with the facts I'd read about Alum, the crystal, and the reviews for this product. Here is my official review: I HIGHLY recommend it! The only thing is it is not an antiperspirant, rather an "odor neutralizer".  Still...if you are concerned about the amount of chemicals you expose your body to, or you're just a worry wort like myself...give this product a try! (um i sound like an infomercial...). That is all :)

XO Chloe'

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ok so I've done it.

*sigh* I've joined twitter. I said I never would...but I NEEDED to enter this contest and one of the "rules" was to be a follower of one of my favorite (no, not naptural85!) beauty gurus. Doubt I'll ever tweet anything...but so far it's kind of hilarious. So my question is, do any of you ladies have twitter accounts? Send me your names and I'll be sure to follow!

XO Chloe'

Sunday, December 18, 2011

To kids from 1 to 92

I saw this post at Kathy C.'s blog and I had to do it, too! It's fun reading about other people's Christmas traditions :)
We are seriously cold over here! I didn't wrap him up like that. Lol I came in my room and found a tiny head peaking out of the covers in his bed. So I figure what better way to spend a Sunday night than sipping hot chocolate and doing a Christmas Quiz. I added some pics of my decoration! Enjoy!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? 
DEFINITELY hot chocolate. I don't think I've ever had egg nog, nor do I have the desire to try it. Seems kinda gross :)

Colored lights on tree/house or white?
This year I'm really into a nice clear white light with colorful decorations

Do you hang mistletoe?

When do you put your decorations up? 
I grew up in a house that didn't decorate until about a week before Christmas. Crazy, right? So now, for ME, as soon as Thanksgiving things go down, Christmas goes up! I like to make it last as long as possible :)

What is your favorite holiday dish?  
Green Bean Casserole. Oh yum!

Favorite holiday memory as a child?
Definitely going to my Granny's house after mid night mass super sleepy but fighting it in order to open just one gift. Then Christmas day going over to my Grandma's and being around tons of family.

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I never really believed. My parents didn't stress Santa. We are more about the *real* meaning of Christmas. That aside, I am the baby of the family and my brother and sister pretty much ruined any chance of me believing in Santa. Hah!

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Only when we were kids. Now I have a bit more it's tempting though!

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
It seems to be different every year! Last year it was a purple and silver theme...the year before that it was red and gold. This year  I have white bulb lights and bits and bobs of all colors!

Snow! Love it or Dread it?
Love love love it. Here in Michigan, we are NO stranger to the snow. I only mind it when it lasts longer than it late APRIL!

Do you remember your favorite gift?
I honestly don't have one.

What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Of all time. For every occasion. My mom's no bake cheesecake. I will never, EVER get sick of it.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
It still has to be going to Christmas eve mass with my family. I've had the same warm feeling during and after hearing the Christmas story ever since I really understood what it was about <3

Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum?
Yum! especially in hot cocoa or crushed up on top of brownies. Lol here come the holiday pounds...

Favorite Christmas movie?
Home Alone. Hands down.

Saddest Christmas Song? 
I almost feel guilty saying this because Stevie Wonder is probably my favorite artist, but I have to say "Someday at Christmas". Ok the song has a lot of truth and a great, hopeful message but it just doesn't put me in the light and happy Christmas spirit. Kinda heavy!

What is your favorite Christmas song?           
Canticle of Mary and O Holy Night. Beautiful <3

XO Chloe'

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tan via H&M & Twists via Naptural85

Don't mind the streaky mirror :) I got this tan/gold dress from H&M for a steal. Originally it was $39.95 but it was on sale for $19! Those MRKT heels are super old but I barely wore them and they went so well with the dress and my speedy. I believe I got them two years ago from DSW in the summer time so they were also a steal. I love shopping in my closet. Haha!

Last night I sat in my bathroom from 5:40pm to 11:39pm (on the dot) finishing my mini twists. I blame Naptural85 for my numb legs and cramped fingers! I got off early yesterday and after reading blogs I watched a couple of videos from my *favorite* blogger/youtuber. She seriously has all aspects of the internet buzzing with her natural hair tutorials and healthy lifestyle tips. I frequent her blog ( as well as her youtube. Although I don't have a facebook or twitter, I am SURE if I did I'd follow her on there too! Anyways, last night I literally sighed as I watched this video

because I already knew that the rest of the night would be devoted to trying this on my hair. It didn't turn out exactly like hers but I"m pretty pleased with the results. Doing these mini twists made me realize that a big chop part two is inevitable. I have serious heat damage, especially in the front of my head. Unless anyone knows of any remedies/reversals to heat scissors are sharp and waiting :) Happy hump day!

XO Chloe'

Monday, December 12, 2011


Thank God for trip protection! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to give up my dream vacation to the OC that I had planned for next month. I also have to put my fat reduction (lol) on hold. But it's all for the best. You know what "they" say about doors shutting and windows opening....blah.

Anyways I've been a little MIA for a while because I took an impromptu vacation! More-so business than pleasure. However, leave it to me to turn a lovely December escape to sunny southern Florida into a complete disaster. The high reached about 76 each day but it was all the same to me. I was running a fever of 102. hah! The one day that I forced myself to go out I was pretty much the only person walking around in a NorthFace jacket and moccasins.

The room and property were lovely and pretty quiet which i really appreciated. On the plane ride back I may have been the only person awake so I snapped a pic of day break. I *love* being in a plane and riding in a cockpit during daybreak is at the top of my bucket list. 
Hope you all had lovely weekends!
XO Chloe'

Monday, December 5, 2011

Best decision EVER

Ok so about two weeks ago I threw away ALL of my hot tools! Yes! I'm talking flat iron, curlers, pressing comb AND blow drier. I knew that if I "hid" them from myself I'd end up using them again so I went for the gusto and tossed them in the trash on Thursday, and the garbage truck came Friday. I thought I would be having heat withdraw but it's seriously the BEST thing I've done for my hair since my big chop! It's so much more full and healthy looking. I love my straight hair also but I think I'm going to rock with anti-heat regimen for a while.

XO Chloe'

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The before and after pics from the Turkey Day Run I had been preparing for were hilarious. I really really REALLY wanted to post pics that my Dad took of my sister and me at the race but she doesn't want her face anywhere on the internet. Pfft Lawyers!

We got up around 5 am on Turkey Day morning, stretched, and we were off to the race! My dad took us and documented the entire thing with video and pictures. On the morning of the race it was 33 degrees but being by the water it felt like around 23! Looking back on that day the three of us had SO much fun but OMG I was seriously SO NERVOUS. At one point, actually right before we took off I thought I had to run to the port-a-potty. Lol Thankfully I made it through the entire race in 38 minutes. Next year we are going to try to make the top 100!

For us that was definitely breaking with Turkey Day tradition. Usually we are bustling around my parents house preparing the huge feast. I'm so glad that we decided to do it because we have inspired my Dad and my brother to train for it for next year. Hooray for fitness! Did you do anything different or fun for Turkey Day?

XO Chloe'