Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good vibes

I'm in a pretty good mood tonight. Found out I have an unexpected day off later this week so I plan on putting to good use my DSW and Victoria Secret coupons. I also completely forgot that I have another wedding to attend this Sunday and I need to find a dress for that one as well. Ever been to a wedding by yourself? On top of that you don't know anyone there but the groom? And possibly 97% of the people speak a different language?! This should be fun :) (and that was NOT sarcastic!). I'm really looking forward to it!

While taking the extensions out of my hair (back to my natural!) I was listening to some pretty good music and decided to share. It's not Monday so this can't be music monday (hah!), but it'll be the same format. Hope you enjoy!

Love. this. song. lovely.

I like listening to this particular CD while I'm cleaning. I love the Bird and the Bee....speaking of...

I'm pretty sure I'll never, EVER get sick of this song. ever.

Late Night Alumni <3 accompanied by random fish. lol gotta love youtube videos!

Love the video, love the song, LOVE her!

HAha...I was singing this to Domino earlier. He loved it :)

ONE more! The lovely and talented Esperanza Spalding.

I must be in a pretty musically mellow mood. Hope you like this long selection!

XO Chloe'


  1. Hello Cece, thanks for stopping by my blog :).

    I like the music choices, especially Jackson's - I like his voice and songs. Is the first time I am hearing Goespele, nice voice and the message in her song.

    I've read about Esperanza, but never heard her voice and music. Lovely song.

    Nice way to wake up :)!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

  3. Ha ha I've been to a wedding by myself it was great lol. Your wedding sounds like it's going to be fun. I hope you blog about this cause I know you will have some good stories.


  4. i wish i had an unexpected day off! kinda jealous!

    how did you forget you had a wedding? hehe ... take lots of pictures!!! :)

  5. Faith and Rocker Chic, Lol no idea how I forgot about this wedding. It seriously crept up on me. I will definitely take pics and blog about it!