Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What the hectic?!

Life has been keeping me from my beloved blog...which is kind of a good thing!

I've been busy with school things and work things and life things and its kind of crazy because I feel like I'm missing out on my favorite bloggers lives! How crazy is it that you can feel close and connected to people that you've never met in person! Silly internet.

Nothing too exciting has happened. Oh..I now know how to connect words in Arabic and I"m so excited about that. There are so many rules in that language, it's just ridiculous but I feel very accomplished and I'm proud of how far I've come!

Of course I have shopped and have completed my life (whoa) with this purchase from Express.

It's so super comfy and super long. So far I've paired it with a brown jacket, white sweater and a chunky black scarf. Sounds a little off but I swear it was cute. Pics soon!

I'm still running every morning and it has me feeling on top of the world. There are about two weeks left until race day and I think I'll be ready. I am DEFINITELY taking my camera so I can take pre and post race pics!

Still haven't told anyone else besides blog land about my surgery decision, but I have decided to go through with. I'm actually not going to tell anyone. It's a relatively "easy" procedure so I wont be needing any extra assistance. Hopefully people will just notice a difference in the summer months when I am draped in backless shirts sans rolls :)

Possibly the most exciting news comes in the form of non traditionally girly obsession with two wheels and a motor. I will officially be a rider next season!!!! EEEEK I am so extremely excited to be riding as a driver, and not a passenger. I learned how to ride on the heaviest bike in the world so my "little" 750 will be a breeze. HURRY UP SPRING!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!

XO Chloe'


  1. The long skirt looks great. I love black skirts. And the outfit sounds cute. I can picture it. :)

    Congratulations on progressing in Arabic. That is quite a challenge and I'm glad to hear that you are doing well with it.

    I'm excited for your surgery. I love makeovers of any kind. I hope your procedure is safe and all that you expect.

    I'm looking forward to all pictures.

  2. The long skirt is fierce...good luck with the race!! And with the surgery friend..hope it goes well. I know I think of taking a few days away from
    Blogging and I'm like "no I can't yet!

  3. I understand. My life has been busy as well and I just feel so lost trying to catch up on the updates in my Google Reader. It's a mess.

    I hope your surgery goes well. Good luck! :)