Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Three Hour Tour

I'm sure this has happened to most everyone....

You go to the store for ONE item and walk out with a receipt saying you've spent $43.72. It was supposed to be a quick run to meijer for contact solution, but somehow I ended up with dog treats, a new dog bed and food dishes, hair accessories, shampoo and deep conditioners, nail stuff, and a tweezing kit. Oh and ice cream bars....because I hear it helps for people who are trying to shed a couple of pounds. LOL! More tomorrow.

XO Chloe' 


  1. tell me about it! i do that all the time! i don't know why it is so hard to just go to the store and buy the one thing you went in for ... that happens to me a lot at Target! :0)

    p.s. i'm your first follower! thanks for following my blog! looking forward to following and reading more posts!

  2. Hi thanks for following my blog too :)
    Nice to see you on here Faith, seems like we are forming the same circles hehe.
    Chloe, welcome to blogland. I am so glad you have decided to start your own blog. It is a great help for me since I am horrible at journaling lol! As Faith said I am looking forward to learning more about you :)

    God bless!

  3. Sigh!

    This happens to me everytime, but I'm honestly getting better at it. I still think I need some type of intervention.