Monday, August 1, 2011

Escusha la musica...

Lately, I have been a little obsessed with a certain rotation of songs. Whenever this lady's piano intro comes on the radio  I close my eyes and clutch my chest. (lol, so dramatic!). That song is so touching to me but the official video through me for a loop. Seen it yet? I didn't provide it below but youtube the official video and tell me you dont have the "HUH?!" face...
Katy Perry just puts me in a good mood. She's just too cute....really no other explanation for my love of these two songs, especially the latter...
Ok so this next one is a bit of a throwback...I just loved switchfoot and rediscovered one of their songs on an old playlist. I've been playing it like its brand new all over again :)
Don't leave yet...just two more!!

This song is like an ode to the nineties. So many people were doubting Beyonce's new album but so far I love it...and so far this may just be my fav song on there. I commented on another lady's blog about how I just love this song...
OK last but not least....possibly the most throwback of them all....ready?
Yes, thats's amazed by lonestar. That's it :)

So those are the songs that I can think of right now that make me turn up my radio a couple of notches. Pretty eclectic mix, no?

XO Chloe'

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  1. "This Is Your Life" is one of my absolutely favorite songs!! Love, love, love that song!!

    I like the other songs too, haha.