Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had a lot of negative things to blog about today. I was going to go in depth about how much I loathe working for "big corporation X". I was going to talk about how much I dislike my car. Although very dependable, my car makes me look like I should have 5 kids, be anti-deodorant, and not shave...anywhere. I was going to ramble on about student loans, my living situation, and the fact that it takes years for things to magically disappear from your credit report. *&%!@!!


I won't.

Instead, I will be thankful that the job, (which by the way has NOTHING to do with what I am in school for)  does, indeed, pay my bills. I will be thankful that my tree hugger vehicle gets me to said job, and helps me to escape from my current living situation when need be. I will be thankful for the roof over my cliche as that sounds there are too many people who dont even have a place to call home. Try as I might I can't turn the student loans or credit report mayhem into positives. Ehh can't win em all. 

Instead of be dramatic and letting one bad day snowball out of control, I will be thankful and look forward to my very promising weekend (hopefully I'll have PICTURES this time!)

XO Chloe'


  1. CeCe this is an awesome post because we can remember to be thankful for what we have instead of complaining!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post. It's always good to remain positive despite the negatives and to be thankful for your blessings even when things aren't going right.

  3. Thanks ladies, hope everyone has a wonderful, positive weekend :)

  4. you have a great attitude! :)