Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One measly picture.

Ya. Thats all. I was prepared to come back from a tiny haitus and do a post of mainly pictures from my wonderful weekend....BUT Droid decided that it didn't want to save any of my pictures. Seriously?! I need a legit camera, stat.

So here is my one measly picture that I took in true bootleg fashion from my friends camera. *sigh*

I love(d) my Droid and was faithful but if we can't be open and communicate with each other I may just have to leave him for the iphone. (Yes, I'm still a little bitter...)

The dress I wore I found at Charlotte Russe for a STEAL. I think it was originally $34.00 but I got it on sale for $12.00. Who DOES that? This girl, thats who :) Here's what it looks like in its entirety:

I paired it with some black open toe heels, a black clutch, and peach-colored rose drop earrings. Most importantly, I straightened my hair!!!!!!! If you are a natural like me, you know this is kind of a big deal. I said I was going to wait until my one year big chop anniversary but I just had to. I almost made it...one more month and I would have been there. Oh well, I was pleased with the results!

Also this weekend....I saw possibly the worst movie of the summer.
Don't waste your dollars. It may have been the adult beverage that got to me, but I laughed throughout this movie. The beginning was promising but it got SO corny. No worries...there isn't a spoiler alert in this blog...I wont even waste my time!

That's it for tonight. It's approx 11:55p, and I am usually well into a really good sleep by now, but the fact that I just downed two sugar free red bulls (genius) has me a bit hyper.

Thank God for under eye concealer!

XO Chloe'


  1. i totally love that dress...do they have anymore?!

  2. Thanks! I'm not sure if they do...I got it on the "absolutely must go" section of the clearance rack so chances are slim!

  3. Well, from the picture you look adorable! And that dress is cute as well. I love the colors. :)

  4. the dress is fabulous! what a steal! and your hair looks gorgeous!

    i def. didn't want to see that movie ... looked horrible, but i am also very afraid of scary movies, haha.