Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This, my fellow blog friends, is a picture of my leg about ten minutes after it met a hot, running motorcycle pipe.
 This, is the next morning. See that lovely blister on the Northwest corner of it? Yea. well, the following day that blister had grown to cover the entire burn. I had to resist the urge to bust it...because I'm gross like that. It felt like someone put parchment paper on my leg and filled the space between the paper and my skin with liquid. Lovely.
Makes for a lovely accessory to any summer dress. No one ever believes that this unassuming girl who wears summer dresses and cute skirts 99.9% of the time was burned on a motorcycle. Oh believe it! Will I still ride? OH BELIEVE IT!

I'm happy to say that my list of things to accomplish from last week were ALL accomplished!

The community garden thing is going if I can only get the neighborhood to pick and eat! The pics above are of the garden (not bad for a first year garden!) and the sign constructed by my myself and my sister. Seriously, that sign needs a blog post of its own. We are NOT handy, and we do NOT know how to properly secure ply wood to the roof of a car...which is why it snapped and blew off in the middle of a busy street. *sigh*...yea, another blog, another day.

I forgot what else was on the list but I'm pretty sure everything was accomplished. I fell in love with a dress for the wedding and I may have to post pics of the event Sunday evening. As for the rest of the week, it looks pretty busy. I'm apartment hunting because MY building has sprung a leak and has MOLD behind the walls and large mildew circles on the floor. Thats what I get for falling in love with a building from 1912. It's lovely but not worth the hassle. I'll end with a pic of this sweet creature who is SO enjoying his all natural dental sticks :)
XO Chloe'


  1. omg your leg! hope it heals well ... and call me dumb but i didn't know that a motorcycle could burn you like that ... looks so painful!

    your dog is such a cutie!

    hope we get to see pictures of the dress you chose!

  2. That looks real painful! Feel better soon!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I kind of don't feel it anymore. That's probably not too good...

  4. Trust me, I know the feeling, except my burn came from a 4-wheeler. I guess that's what I get for riding at night without my glasses.