Tuesday, August 30, 2011

...what weekend?

I started to do a post about my *wonderful* weekend as I sat in the doctors office waiting room....but somehow I ended up deleting a post that I was working on along with an older post. Hm. Maybe it was for the best...

My job at "big corporation X" provides me with health insurance (woohoooo!). I haven't been inside of a doctors office since 2007 so as soon as the insurance kicked in I RAN and made an appointment.

I sat nervously waiting to meet my new doctor. Luckily she was SO nice and SO sweet. Cold hands always equal warm hearts :) We went over my family medical history as well as my own, then she got to the exam. It consisted of the usual, routine things. She excused herself and stepped out of the room. About 5 minutes later the nurse wheeled in a cart and New Favorite Dr. S slipped in behind her. I'm thinking it was the cart with the needles and tubes to collect blood. Umm. NO.. I looked down at the cart and saw this ugly duckling glaring at me...

WHAAA?! My jaw dropped and my eyes darted from New Favorite Evil Dr. S to the cold, sterile tool. She looked at me with a hint of sadness and guilt in her eyes. "Now honey your last one was done in 2007...it's long overdue. I know you told the nurse you were just doing a physical but we may as well get it out of the way." I lay back, pouting like a four year old, placed my feet in the stir-ups and braced myself for the inevitable....

Despite the momentary discomfort, and slight embarrassment, I'm thankful I was able to have that test done. Whens the last time you've been "paped"?! (that question is totally rhetorical, but feel free to share! lol)

XO Chloe'


  1. I'm glad you got the checkup. They are important to your health and thankfully you have insurance now to do so. I hope you're in good health and since you shared, I'll share...My last pap was in February!

  2. Cece that pap contraption is funny because it was unexpected! I get paps every year. Beat decision I ever made was getting annual physicals. I thinknor saved my life.

  3. glad evil doctor did that, haha ... i have to make an appt for my checkup soon too! def. not fun but def. needed!

  4. Isn't health insurance the best? My health insurance is awesome. I usually get one every year, but I haven't had a physical in a while. And at least you got it done in one visit. With some insurance providers, they only offer a certain amount of preventive(sp?) visits, so if you can get it done at one time, the better! :)