Monday, September 5, 2011

I usually don't do this...

Usually, I don't do animal prints. I actually used to hate animal prints but while browsing the mall for something to wear for a fun, comfortable evening, this long leopard print dress at F21 caught my eye.
I loved the way it looked in the store but when I got home, haaaated iiiiit! (Don't you hate when the fitting room mirror lies to you?!) It was too late to take it back and exchange it for something else, so I sucked it up in hopes that it will eventually grow on me!
That's my take on it! I substituted their stock belt for a casual braided belt I already had. Also didn't feel like dressing it up with heels so I just wore my black flat sandals.

Usually, I don't experiment with makeup. I like to stick to the products and brands that are fool proof and work best for me, but yesterday I purchased a couple of E.L.F. products from Target and I was pleasantly surprised.
I did a pretty soft makeup look. Not my usual night out smokey eye. I played with the browns and bronzes in the eyeshadow pallet. I also purchased  an E.L.F. bronzer that I really liked. I'm not a bronzer type of person but I wanted to have a little fun with the animal printed dress.

So I wore this OOTN and FOTN out to dinner for a friends birthday. We went to a yummy Italian restaurant right off the river. I didn't snap any pics of the interior but here are some from the website.
It would have been really nice to sit outside and enjoy the view but it was a little too chilly last night. I'll have to visit again next summer and eat on their patio.

Now although I didn't get to take any of the inside, I surely snapped a pic of what I ordered!

I ordered the PETTO DI POLLO ALLA VALDOSTANA: Breaded chicken breast topped with  prosciutto and fontina cheese. SO good! In true birthday spirit, (although we were stuffed) we ordered dessert. I forgot the fancy name for this but it was a triple layered dessert with chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and a white chocolate/cream cheese mousse at the top. SPLURGE!

Usually, I don't eat a triple layered desserts for breakfast, but I just had to this morning!

Haha! Overall I had a pretty good weekend. My extended weekend consisted of a labor day rally with President Obama as the guest speaker, organizing my school bag, and testing out doggie diapers (yes, doggie diapers). ALL of the aforementioned topics deserve their very own post. Coming soon :) Hope you all enjoyed your weekends as well!

XO Chloe'


  1. i actually really love the leopard print on you! it is a fabulous dress ... loving your hair style too!

    doggie diapers? can't wait to hear this! & the food looks sooo good!

    sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I really liked the dress on you! You are gorgeous! Looks like a fun weekend:-) have a great week. And thanks for your sweet comments a out my new layout...much appreciated:-)

  3. I thought the dress actually looked cute on you. Your make-up was the cherry on top. I have YET to master the whole blending eye-shadow deal. I'll get it.

    BTW, what would you suggest for a nude colored lipstick?

    I can't wait to hear about the rally for President Obama.

    Oh, and I thought I was the only one that took out time to actually organize their bag for school.

  4. Thanks ladies! I think I'll experiment a bit more animal prints this fall.

    @Faith...I'm still debating on the doggie diaper dilemma. Lol I'm formulating a post on it though.

    @Carla my all-time favorite nude lipstick is fairest nude by loreal. I also like that MAC Innocence, Beware cremesheen. It was one of those special edition lip colors from the villains collection so I try not to use it as much!

  5. Thanks! I needed a suggestion before I go on a wild goose chase for that shade. :)

  6. this dress is so pretty! you loud great in it!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  7. ur dress is very pretty... and u're very beautifull!