Monday, September 26, 2011

Seven things and a blog award!

Yaaaay my first blog award :) Her name on twitter is @BossLadyKC, but I know her best through her blog,
A Single Mother's Journey.
She gave me this cool little award which showcases people who may be new to the blog world, like myself! Thanks so much, girl...I really appreciate it! I don't really know who else to pass this blog along to since most of the blogs I read have been here for a while! But I will give it out anyways, hope you ladies don't mind receiving!

Now for my Seven things! Both Faith and Mrs. Pancakes have tagged me in the "7 things" post. I'm supposed to come up with 7 interested facts about myself. Sadly I'm not that interesting (hah!), but here goes...

1. September 28th will be my one year big chop anniversary and I plan on putting together some kind of "ode to hair" in video/picture form. SPOILER ALERT***Haha I kinda miss my semi Amber Rose hair...
2. My nickname is Clover. <3
3. I have cyclic neutropenic...because my body wanted to spice things up a couple years ago. Pfft.
4. I have EIGHT tattoos. Pretty much a mural on my back that has yet to be finished.
5. I have a six year old son who has four legs and big eyes (but I'm sure you already knew that if you read my blog!)
6. I've lost twenty pounds and have about 30 more to go!
7. I am a Catholic who does not believe in organized religion. Lol...yea, long story. 

These 7 things posts are so much fun to read so I tag YOU. Feel free to do your very own and let me know when you do!  I love reading these!

I have a ridiculously long day tomorrow so I'm off to bed early. Leila Sa'eeda, good night. Hope everyone has a lovely and productive week!

XO Chloe'


  1. I am liking the Arabic lesson! And how great are your seven things...please share your secrets about losing 20pounds...i wanna be on the trek but i am so unmotivated and i don't listen to my husband when he gives me suggestions....

  2. This is such an interesting post. How cute is your nickname! xoxo

  3. Is there a story behind your blog name? And is Chloe your real name? Just wondering :)

  4. Mrs Pancakes tagged me too and I thought I am not interesting either:).

    I like your list, I didn't know about your little four leg son or your 8 tattoos! You are very interesting :).

  5. thanks so much for the award! :)

    soooo excited to see your big chop as today is the big day! i'm so excited for my one year ... Jan can't come fast enough!

    congrats on the weight loss, that is so awesome!

    and Clover? i want that nickname now, hehe ;)

  6. congrats on the blog award and the weight lost. you look fab :) and your hair is gorge!