Friday, September 23, 2011


FINALLY had a good thrift store experience! A while ago I was reading one of my fav blogs and she did a post about her thrift store finds so that inspired me to give it another try.  (Read about her's here!) Here's a sneak peak of the things I found. Actually its a mix of thift store goodies along with a couple other girly stores...I didn't feel like separating everything :)

 Can you tell what my favorite item is?! (hah!) I absolutely love that snake ring from CR. I named him Steven. Lol. Actually the only thrift store things are the three purses (which you can't really see!) and the blue shirts and two dresses at the top. I also found a CUTE blazer (which looks like seersucker, but its actually blue and white corduroy), a tunic, and a long black skirt that I'm kind of obsessed with!

Instead of showing how I put together every single item I'll just snap pics as I wear them. So far I've only wore this...

I really wanted to wear it with the skirt but it was too chilly that day so i ended up pairing it with leggings, a scarf, and a leather jacket. That's one of my thrifted purses that I use as a school bag.

There's the blazer I was talking about and in the middle is a cute shirt I picked up from H&M. The last shot is just a random picture of my messy bedding and F21 socks :)

I have been fall/winter shopping like crazy lately. Since then I've found some cute fall boots but that will be on another post. I've been pretty preoccupied because I'm learning the second hardest language there is to learn as an adult! I am enrolled in Arabic 1. Wow. I kind of love that culture and most of our clients are of middle eastern descent so it wont hurt to "get by" knowing a few phrases here and there.

Shokran for reading!

XO Chloe'


  1. I'm glad you found a good thrift store! It took me a while before I could find anything worth buying but once I did I became hooked mainly because the prices are so cheap for good quality. I love all your purchases. I mainly find purses when I go to thrift stores. I just bought a blazer yesterday and I'm going again this morning to my favorite thrift store so hopefully I'll find some good buys. It's become a weekly habit for me.

  2. ChloƩ what an amazing finds. I love Steven too and your leopard flats are amazing the blazer is totally hot. I love all your pictures so cute.

  3. you found some amazing things! i need some help in thrift shopping ... wish you lived closer that way we could do that together!!!

  4. where did you find those leopard flats?! i've been looking for a new pair since my current ones are a wrap and i can't get them here in the states. :/ I need new ones!

  5. oh wow...those are all amazing especially that blouse and all the amazing ways you can wear it! ok i need to get with the program and go thrift shopping sometime in October! and kudos for enrolling in Arabic...what a cool do you say hello?

  6. Marhaba! Amazing finds, really diggin the shirt and ring ;)

  7. I love that top!

  8. Such dazzling finds! I wish I could go thrifting & find good stuff like this! SO CUTE!

  9. U look amazing!
    Great finds!
    New follower 4 sure!