Wednesday, October 12, 2011

banana (hair) smoothie

After taking down the extensions from the game and combing out all of the left over glue, my curls needed some serious moisture and therapy! There's a section of my hair where the ends don't curl too well so I started to google some possible causes and quick fixes.

I already knew about the importance of pH balance when it comes to hair so I decided to play around a bit with it and look for a natural recipe. My findings? Bananas! The reviews were mostly horrible but I had to try for myself (not to mention I wanted to get rid of my spotty/old bananas!)

That first pic on the left was my damp hair with no product, next two pics show the consistency of the hair smoothie, the bottom middle pic was taken after applying the smoothie to my hair, and the last one with the puppy paw :) was taken after the rinse!

Most of the reviews complain about banana chunks getting stuck in the strands of hair, so I seriously pureed my concoction for like 12 minutes. None of the recipes called for the apple cider vinegar but I wanted to cater the acidity levels specifically to my hair needs.

Side by side comparison. Overall I think this worked pretty well for my hair. These before and after pics don't really do the outcome justice but I can definitely see and feel a difference in the way my curls stay together when they dry as opposed to frizzing up. I will definitely be using this little mixture again!

XO, Chloe'


  1. oh wow, it looks so good! i love your curls! i have to figure out something like this for myself!

  2. Okay I need to try this! Awesome! Your hair is too cute...I need to do this..

  3. beautiful hair! great post