Monday, October 17, 2011

Its over.

A couple of posts ago I said I was going to eat whatever I want celebrate my birthday all October long. Yea, well, thats over. I have been feeling SO sluggish and my energy has plummeted. Seriously by 2:30ish I am slumped over my desk at work. Although these indulgences have been so tasty, this feeling is just NOT worth it. My body was used to organic, healthy foods, and now that I have been eating all of the things that I shouldn't, I've had this really sharp headache for about a week now. I know its the food. So, it's over.

I'm back to reading labels and my 90/10 method. It works for me, and my body will be very grateful! Not to mention it will get me ready for this 10K. Me and my sister registered for our city's 29th annual thanksgiving race. There's no way Id be able to finish, and actually feel good after if I continue to eat all of the processed things I've been scarfing down.

I've purged my cupboards of the chips, cookies, FROSTED FLAKES (ugh...tear) and canned fruit cocktails (too much sugar). That being said, I need to make my way to Trader Joe's tomorrow!

XO Chloe'


  1. that is the way i feel when i go on vacation! it is so nice to eat whatever you want but then it starts to get old and you actually feel your body begging you to eat something good. i love going back home and then making a homecooked meal ... i seriously feel my body thanking me. i do wish we had a trader joes over here!

    that is so awesome that you are doing a 10K with your sister. i want to do it but always in the back of my mind i feel like i won't complete it. walking, no problem, running ... oh boy!

  2. Thanks Faith...and we share the same fear! Lol I don't want to be that person panting for dear life a mile into it. I"m going to run the route everyday til the race day so hopefully I wont be "that girl".