Thursday, October 20, 2011

I promise!

Ok I promise this is my last food post for a while. I'm just excited and feeling so much more energetic so I'm eager to share! I forgot to mention that prior to starting my healthy eating I detoxed from all of the junk food. I did my own little "cleanse" if you will.

Ok so here are some shots of what I ate yesterday...
Breakfast was a bowl of regular oatmeal topped with apples and spices. With a special little stalker in the background. He loves apples :)

At lunchtime I finally tried the Vegan Boca Burger and it was oh SO good. Reminded me of a turkey burger. I liked it a lot but I think I"m going to try to make my own vegan burger from a recipe using black beans and other veggies. Somewhere between these two i had a snack of greek yogurt and a peach.

Whoa. I didn't cook all that :) Yesterday's dinner came as a bit of a surprise. I completely forgot about a banquet/city award dinner that I was supposed to go to. They had SO many food options! I think overall I stayed on track by skipping the breads, and sweets and WINE bar (ugh!). I got a piece of salmon, chicken (in case I hated the salmon!), salad, broccoli, and asparagus with a side of fruit as my after dinner sweet. The salmon was SO good and luckily the chicken was dry so I didn't touch it.

That's what I wore last night. I SO wish there would have been a full length mirror in that bathroom because I just LOVE my boots :) I wore this F21 tunic with black leggings. Although the venue was gorgeous and beautifully decorated, it was freezing in there! All in all i had a wonderful time.

Last but SO not least was this wonderful dinner that I made for tonight. 1 box of parmesan Couscous with 2 C frozen broccoli, a bunch of asparagus, 2 tspn of white cooking wine, and a half tomato (definitely could have used more tomato but it was all i had!) Very simple recipe but I tweaked it a bit by adding two cloves of fresh garlic and using EVOO instead of butter when cooking the couscous.  It was SO yummy, packed with veggies, and around 180 calories per serving.

Hope you girls are eating well :)

XO Chloe'


  1. I say keep the food post coming! It all looks good. You're inspiring me to eat healthy. I tried it before by cutting out all red meat, rice, pasta, and sweets for a month. I might try something like that again.

  2. These meals look delicious.

  3. i might need to try the philadelphia sushi soon. the couscous looks soooo good! i love couscous! the chicken looks delcious. you always look so amazing!

  4. I love the outfit chica (and the bag)!!!

  5. yum, your meals look sooo delish! and i am digging your outfit too ... wish i could see your boots too!