Tuesday, November 15, 2011

shameless bathroom pics and BAD products

Good (natural) hair day.
Work was a little ridiculous yesterday so I decided to treat myself to Starbucks :) Instead of wearing my usual sweats and hoodie i put some effort into it. (Is it sad that I probably would NOT have stopped my mini photo shoot had someone walked into the bathroom?! hah!)

Silly Starbucks bathroom didn't have a full length mirror so once again my boots got cut off! I was wearing these OTK boots from Underground Station.

Okay so if you have sensitive skin like I, please ignore my rant about Loreal studio secrets face primer from THIS post. A little while after using the product i noticed a fine rash right where I applied the product. Of course I stopped using it for a while and that's what the problem was. Right now I'm giving my face a rest. No makeup, just my regular moisturizer and a little shea butter to take care of the dry patches that this chilly air brings.

XO, Chloe'


  1. you are killing me! haha. i need you to get a full length mirror! i need to see those shoes girly, hehe.

    you look fabulous! love your hairstyle, jacket, ring, scarf ... ok, i love your whole outfit!

  2. Thanks! Lol yes, Faith I think its time to invest in a full length mirror!

  3. i like your bathroom pictures...you are one chic lady! love love the jacket and would kill to wear those boots!

  4. Love this jacket! You look great. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  5. Omg your hair is so cute! hehe :) and you have a great smile! Im following so keep posting!